Tuesday, March 19, 2013

THE PLAN - Well at least a Sandy Path

Well, now that we are waiting final approval for the 12 months LOA, it is the time to finalize the PLAN.  Of course anyone that has any experience in boating and especially cruising knows that there is never a hardened plan, but a sandy path towards a specific goal. 
* Spend as much of the year LOA in the Caribbean/Bahamas on a cruising catamaran as possible.
* Have a lifetime adventure!
* Have fun!
* Recharge my batteries from working in the corporate life for 33 years.
* Build my sailing/cruising skills.
* Enjoy time with my oldest son, and other family members on vacations/breaks.

So here is my Sandy Path:
* Find a catamaran that fits into my budget.  I am still looking online trying to find a boat that is for sale that is not a scam or is not for sale and the ad is still out there...never responding emails...numbers that are wrong, boats that have been in a fire...This will continue to be a challenge...The last boat I emailed about, said that it was in Indiana...so I looked on the map, not knowing my geography of that area of the US, and noticed that Indiana borders Lake Michigan.  Well, that will work, but strange for a 41' Fountaine Pajot to be on the Great Lakes.  I emailed the guy, and it turns out that the boat is in Indonesia, not Indiana!  The guy actually asked it that were a problem!  Ha...that would change the PLAN a little!  I passed on the boat!  Still searching....
*  Finish up some projects at my house and lake cabin.  Month of June and July.
* Upgrade boat to cruising standards.
* Head to the Bahamas, depending where the boat is purchased.
*  Cruise either in Bahamas for the 90 days and either extend another 90 days.
*  Head down to the Dominion Republic or where ever we plan on keeping the boat after the year LOA. 

My oldest son, Dustin, is planning on joining me in this adventure.  When he was growing up, we spend many days on the water, on Beaver Lake Arkansas, or Panama City, Florida.  We have some great memories in Florida, scuba diving, swimming with the dolphins, fishing, and boating.  In Arkansas we water skied, built the cabin, and enjoyed many weekends at the cabin.

The PLAN is set in sand and in motion!

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