Monday, April 29, 2013

And the wait continues..............

A quick update on my status!  My LOA request was denied for the second time last week.  This time it had gone to our SrVP level within ISD.  I believe my SrVP supported it, as well as my manager and our VP, so I was surprised that it was denied again.  Let me state that Walmart is a great company, and part of our culture is that if you don't feel that something is right, you can meet with our senior management and have them review your request.  This is called the 'Open Door Policy'.  In the 28+ years that I have been at Walmart, I have never done this before.  So last week, I asked and received a meeting with the highest HR person at Walmart!  I was really surprised, as I called up her assistant, and I was able to get an appointment the same day!  Well, the meeting went very well, and she said that she would get back with me quickly.  I assumed this meant the next week, so I am again waiting for my last appeal.  My only concern is that Walmart is a retail company, not a technology company.  The policies of many mature technology companies have policies that allow up to 12 month sabbaticals, but Walmart may not allow it.  So I hope that my company sees that this is a good thing, and will approve my LOA. 
On a side note, when I was told that my LOA was denied for the second time, the realization that I most likely would be leaving the company that I have worked at for most of my career, I was very sad.  I have many friends still working at Walmart, and I know that if I needed anything, they would be there for me.  This is the Walmart way.  I actually can't imaging not working for Walmart, so this may be a realization that I have to face if I want to cruise.  I guess these are the sacrifices that we must have to chase our dreams.  

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