Monday, May 20, 2013

The Verdict, Decsions, and Options

Well it has been an action packed couple of weeks.  I was on vacation last week laying tile in the house that we are currently living in.  Something about being on vacation and laying tile that doesn't seem to compute, but that is what happened!  It was a hard week of manual labor, but it looked excellent when finished.  On Monday of that week, the VP over HR of our division called me and explained that Walmart could not approve my 12 month leave of absence, but could approve a 3 month one.  I explained to her that 3 months would not help me too much.  So I was sad about the fact that I will now have to leave Walmart permanently.  So it was a good thing that I had a lot of busy work to do to keep my mind off this new development.  To top this off, my oldest son, Dustin, decided to go in with one of his buddies and start a delivery sandwich shop in Ft. Smith Arkansas.  This was a complete surprise to me, as he had been on board with sailing with me for the last 6 months.  I drove down and visited the restaurant and it was very nice.  I am happy that he has found something that he is excited about, but sad that he will probably not go sailing with me.

Ustin's Sandwich Delivery Shop
Ft. Smith, Arkansas
To get bad news from Walmart and Dustin on two consecutive days was really a let down.  Now what do I do about cruising, do I give up the dream, and just go back to work?  Well, I was discussing this with my mom, and she said that she would love to go with me!  She is selling her RV and other things and the timing would be perfect for her to go cruising!  This will also allow Dustin to catch up with us if his restaurant doesn't fly. 
So I am back on track, and hunting for boats!  Since I am leaving Walmart, I realised that I now have more time to cruise, since I am not limited by the 12 month LOA.  I also have access to some of my original Walmart profit sharing, so my boat budget can grow a little.
So it was an exciting week, and I finished the tile work, and made it to the lake cabin for a couple of days of recuperation.
Fishing Beaver Lake with Pepper

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