Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Offer Made!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I have been working with Gary Fretz in Fort Lauderdale in trying to locate and assist in purchasing a catamaran.  He has been extremely helpful, with many years in the industry and many contacts.  He started the Moorings Brokerage in BVI back 20 years ago, and knows the end and outs of this business.  We focused on two models of boats, Robertson and Caine Leopard 40' and a Lagoon 410/3800.  I had noticed a 2008 Leopard 40' in charter in Belize that was coming out of contact in July and it looked very nice.  It was an owner's version (rare for Charter companies), and had extremely low engine hours (+-1700).  So today I made an offer on it!!!!!!  So the wait begins!!!!
2008 Robertson and Caine Leopard 40

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