Friday, May 24, 2013

The negotiations continue......

It has been a very interesting week in boat buying.  I am now into my third and last offer on the boat in Belize, so today I should hear something.  It seems that a similar boat sold for a higher price somewhere in the world, so they are sticking to this higher price. The higher price is too much over my budget, so either they will come down to my last offer, or I find another boat. 
The other boat that I am looking at is a Lagoon 3800 Owners version in BVI.  It has a few more hours on the engines and it is a 2007 instead of a 2008.  The price is almost $30,000 lower and includes a dinghy and motor, so it may be a good second option.  The Lagoon 3800s can have some hobbyhorse motion, so that is the only negative about those boats.  They are the most popular cruising boats with over 700 of them floating around.  So I believe it would make a good option, if the Leopard falls through.

On the home front things are hectic!  I have a couple more weeks worth of remodeling work on the house that we are living in.  We will either sell it or rent it before we leave.  I am also selling my Mastercraft ski boat and one of our trucks.  So life is a little crazy right now!  Also, retiring from work in 5 weeks, the clock is ticking.  There are many details, such as 401K rollovers, insurance, and legal concerns like wills and retirement documents.  It seems that the list goes on!  It's a good thing that I will have a couple of months after retirement to finalize these things before we head to the boat.  To add to this, the purchase of the boat takes time too!  I may be heading to Belize next week, if my offer is accepted.  Wow, things are a little out of control!!!

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  1. Dale- Wishing you the best in your adventure. You are doing something that most of us only dream about doing one day!