Friday, May 31, 2013

Offer made and accepted!

It looks like we are going to boat owners!!!!  After a little negotiation back and forth, we came to agreement with the owners of the 2008 Lagoon 380 in the Bahamas!  It was a hard decision, as I really liked the Leopard, but the ease of access to the boat and the much lower cost helped me make the final decision.  I believe that we will truly enjoy this boat!  I will fly out to look at the boat the week after next, so this will confirm my decision. 
The boat will then go through a survey and a Sunsail refit, so we should get a boat that is ready to cruise.  I understand that the Moorings and Sunsail do an excellent job with the refit, so we have high expectations to get a like new boat during the hand over!  I have been working closely with Gary, and he has been very helpful in our decisions.  Thank you Gary!!!! 
Gary Fretz
Founder and CEO - Yacht International

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