Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dallas Trip - June 7

Since my mother in law was in town, we wanted to drive down to my Sister's house in McKinney Texas and see her, my father and their families.  We left after the Shareholder meeting, so it was a long day!  We got up around 3:45 to be in line at the Shareholder meeting at 5:45.  My sister has a beautiful house with a pool in the backyard, so we really enjoyed hanging out with them.  Of course shopping was the theme of the week, so we tried our best to boost the Dallas economy!  

Nancy, Cony, Maria Paula, Jonathan, Kathy, Lindy, Dale (missing Mike)

My bother and sister (Jonathan and Kathi)

Max and Pepper enjoying the pool!
Oh yes, I almost forgot to add the final picture!  We saw this lady driving down the highway totally loaded down!  This was in Texas, not some 3rd world country!  Crazy!  I hope that our boat doesn't look like this when we head out cruising..hint..hint Mom :)!

This won't be our catamaran!!!!

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