Thursday, June 20, 2013

Walmart Shareholders Meeting 2013 - June 7

My mother-in-law was here from Bogota Colombia, so we had the unique opportunity to take her to the Walmart Shareholders Meeting.  This is held each year in the Bud Walton Coliseum on the University of Arkansas campus.  It is a huge affair, with thousands of store associates and management coming in from the US and all of the Walmart International countries!  The store associates are involved in many activities throughout the week and it is capped off by the shareholder meeting.  We always have a few special guest, so this year Hugh Jackman was the MC.  He did an outstanding job and is very talented.  We also had Tom Cruise, who spoke about the great environmental things that Walmart was doing.  We also had Prince Royce, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson attend!  It was another great production by the Walmart special events team!

My wife, Maria Paula and her mother Cony!
Crazy store associates!!!  Who's Walmart is it?

Hugh Jackman

GO HOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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