Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Sailing Plans

Kick;n Back in Belize
When we were in Guatemala, we were trying to decide where to meet our family for Christmas.  We finally decided that there wasn't a more beautiful place than in Belize.  So we headed back north from Rio Dulce, Guatemala.  We have spent about a week in Placencia, seeing old friends and getting some repairs done.  We had planned on leaving on Tuesday, the 26th, but a cold front came down on Wednesday, delaying our departure a couple of days.  We did enjoy the few more days in Placencia, but I was ready to hit the reefs again! 
So my wife and son, Maria Paula and Blake, will fly into Belize City and then on to either Cay Caulker or San Pedro.  We will meet them at the airport and spend the holidays in that area of Belize.  We are really excited to have them come down, as neither one has seen the boat or been cruising before!  We are hoping for a great time! 
We would like to arrive in the San Pedro area at least a week or so ahead of them, so that we can scout out the area and find the best spots.  Below are the cays that we will visit on the way north. spending a day or two at each:
Pelican Cay
South Water Cay or Twin Cays
Colson Cay
Middle Long Cay
Water Cay
Cay Caulker
Ambergris Cay (San Pedro)
It will probably take us a couple of weeks to get up to San Pedro, as we are not in a hurry, and like to be out on the cays.  We hope for smooth sailing and no more northern fronts!  We are flexible, so we can't always give a specific schedule.  We may not be able to get on the Internet for a week or two, but once we finally get online again, we should have some great pictures and stories!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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