Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Farewells and Future Plans

Captain Allan and Philicity are leaving on Tuesday, heading to Cancun, Mexico for a much needed vacation.  They will then head back to South Africa to enjoy time with their families before the head over to the BVI for their next work assignment.  We met another couple, Phil and Julie, who are currently house sitting down by Monkey River.  Their obligation is ending later this month and they are heading to Guatemala and then Costa Rica for another house sitting assignment.  They may travel with us to Guatemala (Rio Dulce), later in September.

We all went out to dinner on Saturday night, at Cozy Corner Hotel and Bar, which was a treat, as Phil and Julie have a car.  We piled six into a small SUV, but it was fun!

 Left: Phil, Julie, Allan     Right:  Dale, Audrey, Philicity

On the way home we saw this huge boa in the road.  Of course I had to jump out and take a picture.  I didn't want to get too close as I was barefooted and it was dark!  The boa was between 2 and 3 meters long (picture makes it look small, but it was thicker than my arm!  It was very beautiful with nice marking, but I didn't have much time to watch it, as it headed quickly into the jungle.
Our last dinner with Allan and Philicity on the Laru Baya Resort Restaurant.  Good luck in your travels and hope to see you in the BVI!
Well, this get us back to our plans on MokaKat.  I have to fly back to Arkansas for a couple of weeks for a court date.  Long story there, but I will keep it private.  I will be very happy to see my beautiful wife again, as she is currently applying for her US Residency and is waiting on her US Passport before she can catch up with us!
Maria Paula mi esposa linda!
 Mom will be staying on the boat, but it is safe in the Moorings Marina.  It is still hurricane season, so the Moorings will help move our boat into the lagoon and safety of the mangroves, if there is a storm coming.  It will be nice to spend a couple of weeks back in my home, with Maria Paula and Pepper (our dog).  Of course air conditioning and nice steaks are an additional benefit.  I am sure that I will stay busy with my list of projects left over from the summer! 
Maria Paula y Pepper
Once I return back to Belize, we plan to travel down to Rio Dulce, Guatemala.  There is one repair that is pending, and that is to repair our saildrive boots, which will require the travel lift.  Once that repair is complete, we will most likely stay in Rio Dulce for the remainder of the hurricane season, as it is more safe from hurricanes than in Belize.  It will be a nice change of scenery, as I understand that Rio Dulce is very beautiful and there is a lot of activities to do there.  Belize has been very nice and the cays are beautiful, but we are missing an active cruising social life, as there are not many cruisers here during the off season.  We look forward to being able to go to activities and interact with other cruisers. 
After Guatemala, we hope to sail to Mexico, and then on to Florida.  After Florida, we plan on heading over to the Bahamas and then down the Easter Caribbean island chain!  Of course these plans could change, depending on how the wind blows!

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