Monday, September 2, 2013

Hatchet Caye, Belize - Day 4 - Heading back to Placencia Harbor and a Bubba/Dean Boat!

Today started out with storms and a little rain.  We had a lot of rain last night, but little strong winds.  I was planning to snorkel a little before we headed back, but because of the cloudy weather and the occasional lightning, I relaxed and planned our trip home.  We decided to go around the shallow spots, reefs, and smaller cays, by taking a route directly south around Laughing Bird Cay, and the west to the coast.  The only problem was the wind was coming from the west, north west, in the direction that we needed to go. 

Orchid Two - Allan, Philicity, and the Chileans

 Early Morning storms

 Good Bye Hatchet Caye!

We motored about 30 minutes and then set the sails, cruising along around 5 knots.  It took several tacks, but we arrived in Placencia Harbor about 5 and a half hours later.  We had travelled about 25 NM today.  It was a very nice sail, with little trauma over shallow water and reefs.  We fished the whole way, and still have not caught a fish yet!

 Welcome back to Placencia Harbor
This is the boat for you, Dean and Bubba!!!!

We dropped anchor around 5 pm, and then had a great dinner of guacamole and broiled lobster.  Allan, Philicity, and his group of Chileans motored into the harbor and anchored just in front of us.  This will be their last night, as they have a noon flight back to the real world.  This is also Allan and Philicity's last charter for the Belize Mooring Company, as they are going back to South African for three weeks to visit family and then they start their next job in the BVI.  We will miss them!!!
Track files from our iPad App tracking our progress.
26.5 NM Total

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