Monday, September 2, 2013

Hatchet Caye, Belize - Day 3 - Environmental Foot Note

I am not a tree hunger environmentalist type, but seeing the trash lines that flowed though Hatchet Caye made me take notice!  It was truly disgusting to see a large line of trash float through the beautiful Caye.  These pictures will say the thousand words that I couldn't find to say.  I am not blaming Belize or any other country, but the oceans are not the dumping grounds of all of the world's waste!  The most sad part is below the plastic forks, shoe parts, coffee cups, was a layer of clear plastic floating just below the surface.  How many birds, sea mammals, and fish die because if the contamination.  We need to find better ways to recycle and reduce the amount of plastic that is put into our environment. 
We had several of these trash lines come through our mooring on our first morning.  We also sailed through a couple of trash lines to get out to the caye.  Maybe this is common in all of the world's oceans, but this is not the best solution.  Please recycle!!!
Trash Line Heading for us!  Yuck!  Do we want to snorkel in this?

Disgusting trash and plastic.

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