Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Super Charged Dinghy (with aka: Mr. Outboard Motor)

The first thing that I did on Monday morning was hire Estevan, our nightly security guard, to help me get the dinghy off of the our catamaran's trampoline and back into the water!  He was also going to help me connect the new Yamaha 15hp outboard (Mr. Outboard Motor) to the dinghy! 

New Yahama 15hp (aka Mr. Outboard Motor) with security cable for overnight!

The dinghy looked in poor shape, as it has some slow leaks, and in the last two weeks has deflated some.  We were able to use a halyard to raise up the dinghy, and then guide it over the life lines into the water! 

When I was back in the US, I had ordered a dinghy repair kit from West Marine.  When the dinghy was on the trampoline, we used some soapy water and found the leak and used this new tape stuff to fix the leak.  I can tell you that this product will be put on my official 'Vendors of Shame' list, as it worked for a couple of hours and then blew out!  I was disappointed that West Marine sells this stuff as a Hypalon repair kit, and to me it looked like a little inflatable toy repair kit, except it cost $29.95.  I was expecting some heavy Hypalon material and some sort of outer space super glue, but I got a 5 foot roll of clear tape....

I then took out the dinghy for the engine break-in!  I had to run it with double oil for the first tank.  The first hour, I could only go half throttle, but it was enough to put it on plane.  A couple of dolphins hung around for a few minutes, but they quickly got bored with my slow speed and left for more fun things.  After a couple of hours of running around, I was able to run at full throttle, which was too way too fast for this little dinghy with only one person aboard.  It is nice to have some power!  On the following blog, there is a short video of our trip to Mango Creek in the dinghy.  It does get up and scoot!  Hang on mom!!!!

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