Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hatchet Caye, Belize - Day 1 - Change in plans - Hatchet Caye instead of Lark Cay

Today, in the morning, we did or normal tasks to get ready to head out, fill dinghy gas, fill water tanks, charge up all of our devices, let the Moorings know where we are heading, sent last minute emails, and update the blog!  Again, the wind was blowing across the marina, making our exit tricky.  We threw off the ropes in a strategic order, but still the wind blew me into the pole in the front right of the boat.  I did a better job using the motors to move the boat, but the wind was still moving us over.  Finally we pushed past the pole, free from our slip.  We checked the side to make sure that there wasn't any scratches, but we escaped without a scratch.  One day I will figure out how to do this...I just want to learn when the wind isn't blowing 15 knots from the side! 

We motored down the lagoon and anchored in Placencia Harbor, close to Placencia Cay.  We did an excellent anchor drop, and let out about 150 feet of chain.  We then took the dinghy into the village for some provisions. 

That evening the other Moorings charter boat with the crazy Chileans aboard anchored near us.  I went over and ended up talking the Captain Allan, who he and his wife, Philicity, captain and she cooks for the crewed charters.  They are from South Africa and we talked for a while.  He is very knowledgeable about sailing and gave me some good tips.  The Leopard 47 that they were on was amazing!  There were 8 people on board, and everyone had space!  Allan talked me into going to Hatchet Cay instead Lark Cay, as Hatchet Cay had better snorkeling and fishing.  I headed back to MokaKat, and crashed early! 

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