Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Heading out to Lark Cay and a BSR Firewall

Today we plan on motoring to Placencia Harbor to anchor for the night.  We can then run the dinghy into the village and buy a few last minute things.  We will then head out to Lark Cay, which is one of the closest cays to Placencia Harbor.  We hope that our visit in Placencia Harbor will be better than then last one, when we had a storm hit us from the southwest!  We are watching the weather and so far it looks good for the rest of the week.  We should be out until Friday or Saturday, so there won't be any new posts until we return.  We did get a local cell phone, so we have the ability to call or use the VHF radio for any emergencies.
We also ordered a Yamaha 15HP 2 stroke outboard yesterday!  We should have it in a few weeks, but it is located in Belize City, about 4 hours away.  Once it arrives, we will decide if we can ship it down here or be adventuresome and take the bus.  We are looking forward to a little more horsepower on our dinghy, as our last trip to the village, the dinghy wouldn't get up on a plane with the both of us and all of our groceries.  It was a wet and long ride back to the boat.  It was still better than paying $20 for taxis! 

On the BSR front, we set the trap and caught nothing, so we believe that we are BSR free!  I cut up a 1 gallon plastic water bottle and created a BSR Firewall.  I am not sure it will defend the boat from all BSR attacks, but it can't hurt.  The only way that a BSR can get on the boat is to walk on the ropes that are cleated on shore.  The new BSR Firewall should prevent any intruders from hacking our boat.

 Prototype BSR Firewall (patent pending :) )
The Moorings Charter operation will be taking a one month break during the month of September.  All of the boats are currently in the harbor, except one rowdy group of Chileans!  I talked to them briefly before they headed out, and they knew the D&S stores and Walmart!  They were all from Santiago.  They should be returning on Sunday, so maybe we will see them again.  The team here is busy cleaning all of the boats and spacing them out.  They will keep the 24X7 security during the month, but it will be more lonely here!  It looks like it will be just us, Termite, Wiley, the security guards, and the three guard dogs for most of the month of September.  We have emails and phone number for emergencies, and if there is a named storm that threatens the area, the team will be called in to secure the boats.  A lot of the guys working here will travel back to their home town to visit family during this time.  They are excited about having the time off. 

 Moorings  Fleet all in the harbor except one charter!


  1. Are you going to Lagoon Cay at some point? It looks pretty interesting on the Google maps due to its shape. It looks like it may have some nice corals and sea life.

  2. Lagoon Cay is directly into the wind on most days, so we would have to motor! Also, it is in a protected area of a national reserve, so we can't catch fish and lobster! We still want fish and lobster! Laughing bird cay are Hatchet Cay are others that we want to go to. This may have to wait until later in September, as I will be coming back to the US on September 5th for a about 10 days.