Monday, August 19, 2013

Heading out to Ranguana Cay!!!

We are about to throw off the lines at the Mooring Marina and head over to Placencia Village Harbor.  Since we now have a dinghy, we will run over to the dinghy dock, and walk into town.  We plan on getting some of the jerk chicken at Brenda's little shack, and provision for our trip to Ranguana Cay.  We will spend the night on anchor in the Placencia Harbor, then head offshore tomorrow.  The weather looks steady for the next few days, which is good, as Ranguana Cay is all the way out to the barrier reef, about 20nm.  We will have our new lobster catcher, shown below, and hopefully, we will find a few!  So if we don't have any blogs for a few days don't worry!  We don't have Internet while we are offshore!  We are also planning on getting a local cell phone, so it will be nice to be able to make local calls! 
My homemade lobster catcher!

Ranguana Cay - (Courtesy of the internet) 

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