Sunday, August 11, 2013

Moorings Orientation and a Rainy Day in Placencia Belize

Today we sat through one of the charter orientation sessions that the Moorings gives before they send off the boats for the week.  There were two groups of charters that were going out for 7 or 9 days, so we sat in their sessions.  We covered about 10 different cays (pronounced 'keys') and what each had to offer in regards to snorkeling, fishing, restaurants, ice, water, etc.  The information was a little overwhelming, but reviewing each cay in the Cruising Guide book, similar information was listed.  We plan on heading out tomorrow for our first shakedown trip.  We will head out to a close cay and stay a day or two before deciding to come back or stay out longer (baby steps!).  Since this will be my first time to take out the boat without any experts on board, I wanted to make sure that I can navigate and anchor fine, as it has been a few months since I have done this on my own. 
Since today it is raining most of the day, we will wait and head out tomorrow.  The other boats are heading out today, as they are on a time schedule.  This is our first day of rain here and it is a nice break from the heat.  We can't wait to get out on the cays and do some snorkeling and look for some lobster! 

Rainy Day in Placencia, Belize

CAPER sitting at our spot at the Moorings Marina
Yesterday we found a local fruit called the 'diablo fruit'.  We just bought one to try, but we haven't tried it yet.  Below is a picture!  It is pretty ugly, but it is supposed to be very good!
 Diablo Fruit - muy fea (very ugly!)

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