Saturday, August 10, 2013

Provision Day!

After moving on the boat, we had to eat at a local restaurant and buy drinks from the local Mooring Office!  So, it's time for provisioning!  With an empty boat and refrigerator/freezer, our list seemed to be a mile long.  Belize also is a little expensive, so we had to be selective in our buying!  We took a taxi into town, which is about 4 miles away.  Actually, they call it a village, as it is pretty small.  We ate lunch and then went to a place call the Chinese Market.  We loaded up three shopping carts and then called our favorite taxi to come pick us up!  It was $400 BZ, which is about $200 US, so it wasn't too bad.  When you pay cash it seems like it is more than when you just swipe your debit card!  A quick stop at a produce market, and we were back at the boat!  A $40 BZ round trip taxi ride helped a lot, as an 8 mile roundtrip bike ride, in this heat, would have been a killer, let alone thaw out our chicken!!!
Yes, that is all of our stuff!

Ming's Supermarket

                         Our first provision!  The Tostidos were our special treat, at $12 BZ a bag!

                                                   Friendly neighbor checking out our food!

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