Monday, August 12, 2013

High Winds and Waiting.......

Yesterday we had thunderstorms and rain for most of the day.  It was a nice break from heat, but not a good day to travel out to the cays.  Last night we had a strong storm move through with 30kt winds or more.  We are sitting sideways to the wind on the dock, so when I started to open the slider to the cockpit, the wind and rain was so strong, it would have soaked the inside of the salon!  All of the boats at the marina were fine in the morning, and no damage was done! 

There were three boats that went out yesterday from the Moorings, so I am sure that they were up most of the night watching the weather.  There was one that had a line break on the main boom because of the high winds and waves.  They spent the night at Wippari Cay, which is where I was going to travel to today.  The Moorings sent out a chase boat to help repair the damage, but the boat had to turn back because the seas were too high.  After hearing the weather report and hearing about the other boat's trouble, we are planning on staying in port another day and head out tomorrow. 

So today is another lazy day, cleaning the boat and catching up on my favorite blogs!  We will treat ourselves and eat lunch at the restaurant, Habeneros, which is at the next marina over.  The wind is blowing hard today and it looks like more storms.  Tomorrow is supposed to be much better, so delaying another day is not an issue.  This is cruising life...waiting on the best weather to go out!

There is a guy next to us at the marina who is called Termite!  He sailed down from Louisiana with a friend of his, and is staying here for a couple of months.  He has a little dog named Wiley with him that protects his boat and enjoys the cruising life!  I will get some better pictures of Termite and Wiley, but here is his boat.  We are the only two live-a-boards at the marina.  Termite is quite the character and knows everyone here in this area! 

Termite's boat 'Irwin'

Caper is the first cat in the line, just past the monohull.
 Our boat is just past Termite's boat (with the blue tarp)

 Moorings Maintenance shop
 Moorings Office, Placencia, Belize

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