Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Heading to Wippari Cay!!!

Here in a few minutes, we are heading out to Wippari Cay.  This is one of the easiest cays to get to from the Mooring Marina, as most charters stop here the first night.  It is about 14 nm from the marina, but the lagoon takes up 5 nm of that distance.  We should be out there for one or two nights, as this is our first shakedown cruise on CAPER.  We will be offline for the next couple days, but hopefully we will return with many beautiful pictures! 

Today is raining this morning, but as we head out it should be clearing once we head offshore.  We are looking forward to being off of the dock and in clear water!  Ready to snorkel!!!

Wippari Cay (Courtesy of Google)

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  1. The photos are gorgeous. It's great fun to read about the beginnings of your wonderful adventure. How much planning went into this venture? How long a trip will this be? (Give Augie a hug for me and tell her I'm so happy that she's doing this.)