Sunday, August 18, 2013

Updates and Marina Life

We have a dinghy!!!  This may sound like a small thing to most everyone, but here dinghies are hard to find!  It is our 'car' here as without a dinghy, we can't get off the boat while on anchor, except by swimming.  After our last trip to the cays, we decided that finding a dinghy was our number one task, once we returned back to port.  The Moorings team has been very good to us here, and they offered to sale us one of the older, but serviceable ones.  It looks like a 9 foot RIB (this means that it has a fiberglass bottom).  It is ugly and old, but it holds air and it works perfectly for our needs.  They also loaned us an outboard until get a new one from Belize City. 

Our new, ugly, but beautiful to us dinghy!!!
After all of the dinghy excitement, I caught a ride into the village with the Moorings Team.  On Friday, which is payday, the company truck takes everyone into the village to get their paycheck.  So I hopped in the back of the truck and rode to town with the guys!   This was a last minute decision, so I completely forgot to take any pictures!  Once in town I went to many stores looking for a fishing rod, as I only had two reels and couldn't take the poles on the plane.  I had thought that it would be easy to find poles down here, but all that I am finding are combos, which are very high priced.  I finally find a couple of nice combos, but at $400 BZ (about $200 US), it was just a little too high for my budget.  So I will keep looking.  One thing that I found out was that between 12:00 and 1:00, everything shuts down and closes!  So I was waiting at 'El Capitan', the fishing store, I was kidnapped, in a nice way, by Brenda, the owner of a little chicken and juice stand.  As the guy that ran the fishing store took a two hour lunch that day, I ended up getting juice and homemade macaroons from Brenda!  The macaroons were excellent, with fresh coconut and almonds.  She got me for $5 BZ, but I was entertained while waiting for Mr. El Capitan to return from his two hour lunch break.
Brenda and her cook! 
Well, El Capitan was a bust, as they had less fishing poles than the hardware store back in town.  I did pick up a few things, including a dive flag for our boat. 
 Dinghy dock at Placencia Village
 Placencia Village, looking back towards the docks
Another shot of Placencia Village
I then headed back to the Chinese Market, and loaded up a shopping cart of food, plus 10 gallons of water, called Sam our favorite taxi, and made my way back to the boat. 
Our neighbor Termite offered us some pasta that he didn't want.  We ended up cooking one bag of it, adding Prego sauce and onions, and invited Termite over for dinner.  So for all of those folks that have been asking for a picture of Termite, here it is!!!

Famous 'Termite' from Louisiana!
Diablo Fruit, colorful, but not very sweet!

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