Friday, October 25, 2013

Another Crazy Rio Dulce Weekend - Jetpack Demonstration at Backpackers Hotel and Marina

After we finished our tour of the Castillo de San Felipe last weekend, we decided to head over to Backpackers Hotel and Marina for lunch!  This was Yohana's favorite place for lunch and since my mom and I haven't been there before, it was a perfect choice!  What I forgot, and quickly remembered, was that they had a Jetpack demonstration scheduled!  They had announced it on the cruisers net in the morning, but I had completely forgot about it!  Actually, it was really fun, with many people and the demonstration was excellent!  They were even asking for volunteers to try it out.  Too bad I didn't have my swim trunks! 
The crowd at Backpackers Hotel and Marina, watching the Jetpack demonstration
The local navy/army came in full force, complete with machine guns.  We weren't sure if they were going to help save someone in the water or just there for protection.  They always look so serious, but I guess it is their job!
Video of the demonstration!
This guy was obviously the expert!  He was really crazy, flying around so close to the docks and boats!

He actually 'flew' right into the dock and landed!
Touch down!
This poor little guy struggled even with the help of the expert, but at least he tried!

 This was the about the best that he could manage!
 Even the security needs a break!
Another crazy weekend on the Rio Dulce with MokaKat!

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