Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mar Marine, Rio Dulce, Guatemala

When we came to Rio Dulce, we didn't know which marina that we were going to stay at.  We knew that we needed to go to Abel's Marina for our haul-out, but they do not have slips available, nor would we want to stay there (it can be quite noisy)!  We stayed a couple of nights on anchor, but we needed water and power to recharge our batteries.  The problem with coming down in the middle of hurricane season, is that most marinas are full! 
The first morning, we listened on the Cruiser Net, which is announced on VHF 68, and usually broad casted on VHF 69.  We introduced our selves and announced that we were looking for a slip for a 40 foot cat.  When we found out that Mar Marina had a side slip open, we jumped at the opportunity.  Since we were only staying for one month, we didn't shop around too much, and took the slip.  We have enjoyed our stay at the Marina and have met many of the cruisers here.  The only thing that Mar Marina is missing is a pool, but because we were only staying a month, it wasn't such a big deal. 
They have had some intermittent Internet issues, so I have been helping them to troubleshoot the issues.  We have finally isolated the problem to the connectivity of one of the APs, so hopefully we will have it resolved!  Marlena and her son, Sonny, had been thankful for the help!  It's been fun to put on my technical hat again, and troubleshoot the issue!  Also, I had a selfish reason, as I can't get the blog out if the Internet is down!!!  I still think it is the wire running from the router to the AP, as any Network Engineer can tell you..'....check the wire, check the wire, check the wire'!

The office
 Marlena, the marina owner (she speaks fluent English, as well as her son, Sonny)
 Mar Marina has parts, hardware, and boating supplies
Friendly staff!
More boat supplies!
 MokaKat on our side slip.  It makes it easy on and off!
The only complication is that when we want to use our dinghy, we have to drop it and pull it underneath, between the hulls!  There is about 4 inches clearance between the top of the motor and the bottom of the boat, so I have to watch out for passing boat waves.  It really isn't a big inconvenience, and it is a much safer way to store our dinghy!

I like the graphics on this catamaran.  You can tell they have kids, with the mesh lifelines!

 They also provide dry storage for boats

 They also have a 'tuktuk', which is a small vehicle on three wheels and a small motor, that is used as a taxi.  You can pick one up in the town for a ride, for a small price of 3 Quetzales (about 40 cents).
 They provide a laundry service
 Bathrooms and showers available for resident cruisers
Additional showers
 A TV room with cable TV and books
 A picnic area with BBQ grill is available
The walkway approaching the restaurant and office
 The Mar Marina Yacht Club Restaurant
The Mar Marina Yacht Club Restaurant
 There are apartments that you can rent, in case you are tired of staying on your boat or you are doing boat repairs.
 Restricted access to residents only
Walkway to docks
Armed security guards 24X7  If you have been to Guatemala, you know the 12 gauge pump is their security weapon of choice.  Note: the main concern is theft not personal security.

Beautiful plants and trees around the dock
We are currently happy here in Mar Marine.  They also host the weekly Wednesday Dinner and a Movie, which we never miss!  We are currently working on getting our solar panels ordered and installed.  Once this is complete, we will probably leave Rio Dulce, and head over to Roatan, one of the bay islands in Honduras.  We plan on staying there a couple of weeks, before heading back to Belize.  Happy sailing!

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