Friday, October 11, 2013

Life and Activites on the Rio (Rio Dulce, Guatemala)

We stayed two nights on anchor, just in front of Bruno's Marina and Restaurant.  There is a small island just in front of us, which we learned later was called Bird Island, probably due to the amazing amount of birds that roost there at night. 
Bird Island
We were very close to the bridge while on anchor, and the noise of the trucks with the exhaust brakes was crazy!  We were used to being out from any traffic, so here was a little crazy for us!  It was a short dinghy ride to access the city of Fronturas, which had many stores and things that we couldn't get in Belize!  The first day that I took mom on the street, it was crazy, as Tuesdays are the big market days.  The traffic was really crazy, and with no sidewalks, you have to walk in the street.  Of course Spanish is the language of choice, so mom really felt overwhelmed.  The day I took these pictures it was more 'tranquillo'! 
There is a very active cruising community here, and they have a cruiser net every morning at 7:30.  So we listened in, and introduced ourselves to the net, and that we were here for about a month, and was looking for a slip.  The cruising net was very interesting as they cover many topics, including weather, tides, announcements, activities, and restaurant specials.  We usually listen to it everyday!  Just after we had announced that we were new arrivals, Geff, from s/v My Peace, hailed us, and let us know they had a slip at Mar Marine open, if we were interested.  The also had dinner and a movie night, so they sent over a shuttle and picked us up!  It was fun, as we rode in the water taxi to several other marina, picking up more people!  We finally made it to Mar Marina, and had an excellent dinner and watched a movie on their big screen.  It has been a weekly event for us, and easier, as we just walk over from our slip! 
There are many other activities during the week, bible studies, volleyball, AA Meetings, Trivial Pursuit night, etc.  We are not big into all of the activities, but we try to go to one or two during the week!  We have been invited to several dinners and have hosted a couple ourselves.  It is nice to get to know different people from different countries, all with a common bond of cruising. 
 Oliver, Vivian, Augie, Rose, Geff, and Mia at BBQ
Mia, Oliver, Dale, Augie, Rose, and Geff at BBQ
 Mom's thick pork chop dinner!  Excellent!
Our new friends, Yohana (from Colombia) and Robert!
Mom's Pork Chop Dinner on MokaKat!
 Birthday Party for Mia (7 Years) and Augie

Birthday party for Mia! (they throw parties for any occasion!)
Oliver, Vivian, Milena(Mar Marina owner), Sonny(her son), Augie, Rose, Geff, and Mia (guest of honor)
 OK, the picture didn't come out too well!  It is actually a Cheese Burger with candles, but it looks like it needs a fire extinguisher!  I believe that Geff helped Mia put out the candles!
Mia eating her cheese burger!  Pepper(our dog) is missing all of the fun! 
Geff, Rose and Mia have been here about 3 years and are from Texas.  They have enjoyed living here in Rio Dulce, but may be sailing back to Texas for a change.  Geff has been very helpful in getting me in touch with anything that I need in Guatemala!  He knows just where to buy what you are looking for, and at the best price!
Oliver and Vivian, on s/v Mary Ann, a beautiful Nissen 54, are in their seventh year of a circumnavigation.  They sailed from Asia to South Africa, and around the Cape of Good Hope.  Then over to Brazil and finally here in Guatemala.  They are off to Panama and the canal, as soon as hurricane season is over!  He is from France, and she is from China!

Robert and Yohana have just bought a boat a few months back, and are fixing it up to cruising standards.  He drove his truck from California down to Guatemala!  Yohana is from Colombia, and has been trying to convince my wife, Maria Paula, to come on down to Guatemala!  We are tag teaming Maria Paula, as we all want her to come, and bring Pepper!

Sweetie, come to Guatemala!!!!!!

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