Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Dentist and Shopping in Morales and Puerto Barrios, Guatemala!

When I was a child, for some reason unknown, one of my front teeth died and turned yellow.  All of my life I lived with a dark front tooth, until I moved to Costa Rica back in 2006.  Before I returned back to Arkansas, I had a very good dentist in Costa Rica build a perfect cap for my ugly yellow tooth.  Within 6 months of returning back to Arkansas, I was biting and twisting a chicken wing, and the beautiful cap shattered in many pieces.  I then had an Arkansas dentist rebuild a new cap, at a huge cost, to replace the one from Costa Rica.
All of that to say that my cap split in two the other night while I was chewing on a pork chop bone.  Luckily I saved both pieces, and started looking for a dentist here in Guatemala.  I found a lady named Sonya, who had an office in Morales, about 45 minutes from Rio Dulce.  Robert and Yohana offered to take me to Morales, and the road trip was on!  I was so focused on the dentist and repairing my tooth that I didn't take my camera.  Luckily, mom took hers, so these are her pictures! 
Morales was larger than I had expected, and the dentist office was in some market area in a two story building.  Luckily, I had her phone number and she gave us direction to her office.  The market areas were really crazy with people coming from all around to buy and sell things.  While I sat in the dentist chair, mom and Yohana ran around and shopped! 
Sonya did an excellent job of gluing the parts back together on my tooth, but I will have to be careful not to split it again.  I guess when I arrive back in the US, I will have a new one build, but for now, I am happy to have a front tooth again.  Last weekend on the castle tour, I didn't smile too much in any of the pictures, as I was missing my front tooth! 
 The local meat shop!
Meat ready to cook!
 Yohana shopping!
 The lady on the scooter wasn't too happy to have her picture taken.
 Not sure of the subject matter here, but remember that I didn't take the photo!  A nice contrast in subject matter!

 Lunch is cooking in the back of the stores!
This guy was selling underwear...not quite Victoria's Secrets
This guy was giving the underwear guy a hard time about something.

Fresh vegetables

 View from the dentist office of the parking area of the market.  Many people put things on top of their trucks to sell, and then return with many things for the farm.

 This guy had a bag full of bottles of pills of every sort.  nice....the local candyman!
Robert waving back up to the dentist office
 Lots of clothes!
 A large collection of empty bottles, ready to go back to the factory for filling
 Walmart owned Maxi Despensa!  It was a very nice store with many things that we were looking for!

 Yippee!  I finally found a Pollo Campero!  The world wide headquarters is in Guatemala City, but this was the first one that I have seen.  There is one of these stores in the Rogers Walmart #1.  This restaurant was in a food court mall in Puerto Barrios.  Lunch special was only Q30 for a two piece combo (less than $4.00).

 Another Maxi Depensa in Puerto Barrios, a larger town than Morales.

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