Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MokaKat Crab and Shrimp Night!

The other day I went down to the fish market, which is on the municipal pier in Fonteras, to see what they have to offer.  I was amazed at the number of boats that had blue crabs in them.  I didn't realize that blue crabs were found in the river.  So, after discussing this with mom, we then planned our first crab night on MokaKat!  We have been wanting to have another dinner with Robert and Yohana, so we invited them!  Yohana doesn't like crab (congrejo in Spanish), but she does like shrimp, so it was technically crab and shrimp night!  It was a success, and everyone ate all they could! 

Fishermen selling fish, crabs, lobster, and conch.  The crabs are in the bottom of the little boat, alive in about 6 inches of water!  This was a slow day, as usually there are many more boats!
 Blue Crabs are ready!
 Blue crabs, shrimp kabobs, salad, papaya, limes, and red wine!  Nothing is missing!
 Yohana posing as hostess for the blue crabs
(Funny as she does like them!)
The whole group:  Augie, Yohana, Robert and Dale
Good friends on MokaKat!!!


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